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December 27, 2011



If you get a chance, will you send me the recipe for the cookies pictured here? They look so festive!

It looks like a happy Christmas ;) Curtis bought Legos after Christmas on clearance. heh. Laurel received a lego RV, which makes me giggle.

Still no snow at our house, but I can't find it in my heart to wish for it! Miss you ;)


Sure hope your package arrived--found out today that my friend Kattie's (whose package I sent via UPS at the same time as yours, Dec 19) arrived in Charlotte today torn open and damaged. : ( No snow here, so glad you had some!


Elizabeth, your package arrived safe and sound before Christmas. The Christmas flags are hanging in the foyer. :)


Jill, there is no special recipe for the cookies. I just put together what I already had in the panty. I made gingerbread cookies, after they cooled I iced with red cookie icing and then added peppermint chunks or red hots to the cookies. The cookies with red hots were hard to eat because the candy was too hard. but the gingerbread with peppermint may be my new favorite cookie ever!

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